What a typical day working for My Care at Home is like

You may be unsure as to what a typical day working in care really looks like, below are a few examples written by our carers along with some of their thoughts about the job.

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My Care at Home A day in the Life of a Care Worker

My day begins by travelling to my first client.  Clients are located in my home town and surrounding villages.  I greet my first client with a lovely cup of tea and we have a nice chat and laugh.  My client gets ready for the day by having a shower and getting dressed independently.  I provide guidance, encouragement and assistance when required.  We prepare breakfast together and I complete any housework that needs doing, such as, laundry, hovering, washing up etc.  I chat with my client then make sure they are settled, happy and safe before leaving.

I travel to my next client, I greet my client and his wife.  We have a chat then my client’s wife goes out shopping.  My client and I go for a lovely walk around the village, talking and laughing as we walk.  We come back for a cup of tea and look through photo albums and talk about the pictures.

I move onto my next client, I greet my client and the live in carer.  I chat with my client and assist the live in carer to provide personal care to my client.  Then I help to settle her in her comfy chair ready to receive visits from her family, who come to see her every day.

As homecare workers we provide a variety of care to meet the needs and requirements of our valued clients, which includes personal care, domestic duties, company and companionship.

I enjoy being out and about and meeting new people and assisting them to lead independent lives and to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

I hope this gives you a feel for a day in the life of a care worker.


Why work for My Care at Home

After being stuck in a job that lacked any personal reward or purpose I decided to try a completely new career.  Someone suggested that I would be suited to the role of a home care worker, giving support and personal care to people that enable them to stay in their own homes.

Initially I joined a much larger national company and was put through their training programme in a very robotic and impersonal manner.  In fact, we were even given the answer book that gave us the answers to all the questions in the workbooks we were told to complete!!!  I was assured that once I had completed a few days shadowing everything would fall into place.  This was indeed the case although I soon realised that far from having time to offer any real care to people, I was part of a conveyor belt, collecting signatures and only just having time to put my head around the door, heat up a microwave dinner or provide a rapid strip wash.  This was all regardless of whether my ‘service user’ wanted a shower, a chat or a fresh meal.  It was not uncommon for me to have to visit 28 ‘service users’ in one shift that ran from 6.30am, with a break from 2pm-4pm and continued until 10pm.  I was fast becoming disillusioned.  I had left my previous job as I needed to make a difference.  On this basis, I decided to apply to other companies and it was recommended that I apply to My Care at Home, as their ethos fitted with my interpretation of care.

Following my successful interview with My Care at Home, I completed the training and quickly noticed the differences.  Firstly, it was a much more friendly training which was tailored to the group.  Secondly, I discovered that after completing 90 hours of paid work for the company I would actually get paid for the time training.  Having completed the training and shadowing I was let loose on clients by myself.  The next big difference between the companies was that I would be paid for the time I was travelling between clients.  No more shaving 5 minutes of each visit just to get through the day.  The biggest difference, is that were possible, I have a group of clients that I visit regularly.  This means I am able to build up a relationship and get a better understanding of my client’s needs, likes and dislikes.

Working for My Care, I feel that not only do I have a chance to really support people and make a difference, however small that may be, on a daily basis, but I also feel valued as a person too.  I end each day having met fantastic and interesting people and really have time to spend with them as people, not just their condition or ailment.   It’s not a 9-5pm Monday to Friday job and I would not want it to be.  It is so rewarding at the end of each day to know I have helped people stay where they want to be and I get a tremendous sense of satisfaction and purpose from my ‘job’.  It’s a job that gives back as much to me as I give to my clients.   I honestly wish I had changed my career earlier and I know that working for My Care at Home, I will always have that level of satisfaction and personal achievement.

Care work is very varies and no day is the same but many common things occur and thanks for reading our a day in the life of a care worker article.